Carpet Cleaner Solution For Heavy Stains

It can be a difficult task to track down the right carpet cleaner solution for your home. There are so many questions, “Do I use a liquid cleaner? A foam cleaner? A dry cleaner?” the questions are relentless. They both have their advantages and disadvantages, depending on how soiled your carpet is. You then have the issue of trying to choose between a well known branded product or a supermarket’s own brand, again this can be a bit of a minefield as in my experience they can differ greatly. Some supermarkets branded products are more than up to the job of the branded counterparts whereas others are not a patch on the leading brand.

So let’s have a look, dry cleaners which are generally foam based are still wet when applied the same as a liquid cleaner but in my experience they are more pliable and your carpet or rug will dry much much quicker. If you use the liquid variant then you not only need to apply the liquid by hand or with a conventional carpet cleaner, you also need to rinse of the liquid with water. This can leave your carpet soaking wet for up to two days. If you have children and pets in your home this can be a potential nightmare keeping everyone out of an out of bounds room while your carpet dries.

I find that the liquid carpet cleaner solution does clean much better than the foam as the foam is designed to work by working the foam solution into the stained area then leaving for a couple of hours and then simply vacuuming off. This works with light soiling but with anything more soiled then you really need to use the liquid cleaner. I view the dry cleaners as being more designed to clean a spillage as and when it happens rather than ingrained dirt which has been there for some time, in this case do a more thorough job and use a carpet cleaner with liquid then rinse with water.

Regarding the brand of cleaner to use I would recommend that you actually go for what the professionals’ use, such as Sears Carpet Cleaning after they use it for a valid reason – because it works. You can buy specially made solutions for the different type of carpet cleaner that you buy, in my view and experience these are always good but they are very expensive, you can buy cleaner just as good which the professionals’ actually use for literally less than half the price, it just wont have a fancy logo on it, but after all who cares, its not as if it is going to go on your mantel piece.

With the foam cleaners in my experience they are all much the same regardless of brand, the only difference is the prices so I would suggest if you are buying dry carpet cleaner solution just get the supermarket brand it is no different from the leading brands and it costs half the price.

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