How To Remove Dog Stains

If you own dogs like me then you will know that it is a very arduous task to clean up after your dog if she has decided to her business in the living room. 

How to remove dog stains from your carpet is not something we want to think about. Thankfully in this modern age we are well equipped with different cleaning solutions and carpet cleaners. The issue that I have constantly come across though is that many of the commercial carpet cleaners out there on the market are actually pretty harmful, they contain irritants and chemicals which in my view are simply not fit for the home. On the other hand though, they are good because they do their job of cleaning built up debris and heavy soiling on the carpet. Which leads us to the question of “If I am worried about the environment, should I be suing these cleaning products? If I don’t use them what is the alternative?” Let us see.

If  like me you are a bi t tight with your cash, you can look at producing your own carpet cleaning solution or carpet cleaning shampoo. Many off the shelf carpet cleaning products cost in excess of twenty dollars, so the idea of producing your own for a fraction of that cost in my eyes is appealing even if you are not worried about the environment. So I guess the big question is “How do I make my own carpet cleaner?” Well let’s take a look.

How to Get Rid of Dog Stains from Carpet

Light to Medium Pet Stains

For light or medium stains you should mix a quarter of a cup of vinegar with warm water, then put the solution into a spray bottle and spray the soiled area of carpet. Then leave for a few minutes and press down paper towels on the area. This works very for well for lighter less ingrained stains, you can also use ammonia as a substitute of vinegar if you wish, but I recommend the vinegar as ammonia is a bit heavy on the lungs in my opinion.

Heavy Stains

For heavy stains you should mix a quarter a cup of salt, a quarter of a cup of white vinegar and a quarter of a cup of borax. Rub the paste that you have concocted well in the soiled area and then leave to set for three to four hours, the vacuum the area well.

Cleaning A Room

If you are unlucky enough to have the luck that I did when I first got my dog, my whole living room got covered in dogs mess and I had to take some action. Mix a quarter of a cup of dishwashing detergent and mix in a gallon of water, using a dish brush scrub the area in question, the use paper towels to cover up when scrubbed and rinsed. Return a few hours later and then vacuum. This may require a bit of elbow grease but the effects are worth it, and let’s face the cost is negligible compared to hiring out a carpet cleaner such as Changing Speed Carpet Cleaning and paying for branded carpet cleaning solution

I hope you like the green carpet cleaning approach, if you do not fancy doing it hard way on your hands and knees scrubbing the carpet you can still use this solution in any carpet cleaning machine to remove dog stains, or any other stains for that matter.

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